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Debonair Campground is paperless!
It’s good for all of us—and the environment.

Invoices are emailed and forms are available right here 24/7.

We no longer accept post-dated cheques.  Post-dated PAD payments are Welcome and safe to use.  Just fill out the online Remittance Form with the date you would like your PAD payment to go through. If mailing a cheque, you are required to mail it 5 business days prior to the due date.

What is a PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit)?  A PAD payment is virtually the same as a cheque but without the paper.  You can post-date PAD Payments.  PADs are automatic withdrawals from your chequing account in the amount and date authorized by the payer.  Once you make a PAD payment, you never need to write us cheque nor send your account numbers or void cheque.  In the future, you would just need to authorize payments as they come due.  No more mailing payments and no more risk your cheque will get lost in the mail or arrive late.  No PAD withdrawals are made without your authorization, even if a payment is due.  No Authorization (permission) = No PAD withdrawals from your account.

$25.00 NSF fee for returned cheque and returned PAD payments.



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Making a Pre-authorized debit (PAD) payment?
PADs allow you to make payments automatically so you don’t have to worry about not making payments on time.  On the online Remittance, you will need to enter your bank Transit #, Bank ID/Route #, and your Account #.  The applicable funds will be automatically be withdrawn on the pertinent due date(s).


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