Seasonal Camping at its Finest

Seasonal camping begins during spring season where you are free to “come and go” whenever you please, all throughout summer until it closes comes fall. In a seasonal campsite, you can leave your trailer settled on the campsite all season as well as store it onsite during winter. Our leases are renewable year after year. No draws!

Why Choose Seasonal Camping?

  • Tired of relocating and parking your trailer every weekend especially with the price of gas?
  • Does a 40-45 minute drive from Winnipeg to your trailer site sound good?
  • Tired of reserving or rushing on Fridays to get a campsite? How about no more reservation fees?
  • Does the convenience of having direct sewage dumping hook-up and/or water hook-up to your trailer sound appealing? Imagine never having to move your trailer to refill or dump.
  • How about the convenience of always having electricity?
  • Do you pay expensive off-season storage fees for your trailer?

If you answered yes to as little as one of the above questions, check out the benefits of our Seasonal Camping offer:

Seasonal Camping means you can park your trailer on a site and leave it there for the entire season. The site is only available to the leasee.

Debonair Campground is located 55 all-paved kms. South of Winnipeg. Our lengthy season runs from end of April to mid-October. Each campsite is furnished with a picnic table and fire-pit. The majority of our sites are serviced and private with brush and tall trees. The electrical wiring in this park is underground creating a clean natural look. Our large sites can accommodate large trailers with slide-outs with still plenty of space for decks, sheds, etc.

Available Sites

Available Sites

Sorry, none at this time.

See RV’s for sale and sites that are ‘Sale By Owner’

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Campsite Descriptions:

Moe’s Place
Why deal with the high maintenance of a cottage when you can have the same or better amenities for a fraction of the cost and work. Sit back and relax in a Moe’s Place elite campsite with easy beach access. Sites are large enough to accommodate large units with slide-outs and still have plenty of space for a gazebo, deck, etc. Moe’s Place sites are fully-serviced with 30 or 50 amp electrical, water hook-up, & a single sewer hook-up for both grey and black. Enjoy the convenience of never having to move your trailer to dump or refill with water. You must be self-contained with a washroom in your trailer to camp in this section of the campground. In order to reserve one of these sites, your trailer must be 15 years old or newer (100-200 rows) and 10 years old or newer (300 row).

None available at the time. Please check again.

See RV’s for Sale

Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay sites are large and serviced with 50 amp electrical, water hook-up, and 500 gallon Septic tank. (both grey and black water). There are several clean latrines with hand sanitizers along Horseshoe Bay. The cost to hire the local Septic truck company to empty your sites septic tank is approximately $70 plus GST. Debonair pays for the last pump out of the year.

In order to reserve one of these sites, your trailer must be 15 years old or newer.

None available at this time.

Please check again later, subject to change at any time.

Acorn Alley
Acorn Alley Seasonal Campsites are situated among beautiful oak trees. In this tight-knit community of 24 sites, campers are well acquainted with one another and enjoy close proximity to the modern washrooms and laundromat. Acorn Alley sites are large and serviced with 30 amp electrical, water hook-up and 300 gallon underground tank for grey and black water. Pump outs for these tanks are approximately $60 plus GST. In order to reserve one of these sites, your trailer must be 20 years and newer.

Available: None at this time.

Also see RV’s for sale.

30 full-serviced seasonal sites in close proximity to the modern washrooms and laundromat. Twenty-eight of these new sites are serviced with 30-amp electrical, water hook-up, 300 gallon septic tank for grey and black water. One site (A30) is serviced with 15 and 30 amp electrical, water hook-up, same 300 gallon septic tank. One site (A19) is serviced with 50-amp electrical, water hook-up, and a 300 gallon septic holding tank.. The seasonal fees for these sites include one black water tank pump-out per season. In the event a tank needs to be emptied any other time, the customer will need to pay for the pump-out. The cost is approximately $60 plus GST. In order to reserve one of these sites, your trailer must be 20 years old or newer.

Available: None at this time

Discounted sites are because they are smaller than most. List is updated daily but subject to change at any time.

Site A30
This exquisite campsite is in a class of its own. It is situated among beautiful oak trees and brush and has no bordering neighbors. Conveniently located in close proximity to the Beach, Modern Washrooms/Showers and Laundromat. It also has an onsite outhouse for the occupants’ exclusive use. This very spacious site is fully-serviced with a 30-amp outlet as well as a separate 15-amp outlet, water hook-up, 300 gallon grey/ black holding tank. The seasonal fees for this site includes one tank pump-out per season. In the event the tank needs to be emptied any other time, the customer will need to pay for the pump-out. The cost is approximately $60 plus GST.

Available: Not available at this time.

New customers are required to pay a one time $100.00 New Account Administration Fee over and above the seasonal camping fees. This is not an annual charge.

Should you decide to take an available site but prefer a different one, you can get on our Insider Waiting List. The Insider Waiting List is contacted before our Outsider Waiting List when a newly available site comes up.

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Beat the waiting list by purchasing an onsite RV.

2024 Seasonal Rates (April 19 – October 14)

*Rates are in Canadian Funds. Municipal Tax and regular trailer license fees are included in prices. 5% GST will be added.

$2,745.00 for a site in Horseshoe Bay with 50-amp electric, water hook-up & 300 Gallon Septic tank.  (Sites 12)

$2,895.00 for a site in Horseshoe Bay with 50-amp electric, water hook-up and 500 Gallon Septic tank.

$2,720.00 for an Acorn Alley site with 30-amp electric, water hook-up and 500 Gallon Septic Tank

$2,570.00 for full-serviced sites in Acorn Alley & Sites A1-A4, A7, A9 & A12 with 30-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up. (includes Site 89).

$2,490.00 for Sites A5, A6, A8, A10, A11, A13-A29 which are full-serviced with 30-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up.

$2,830.00 for full-serviced site A-19 with 50-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up.

$3,765.00 for full-serviced site A-30 with 15 and 30-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up.

$2,890.00 for a full-serviced site in Moe’s Place with 30-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up.

$3,255.00 for a full-service non-metered site in Moe’s Place with water/sewer/50-amp elec. hook-up.

$2,950.00 + Hydro Consumption for a full-service metered site in Moe’s Place with 50-amp elec./water/sewer hook-up.

Seasonal Rates include 3 free transferable seasonal Vehicle Parking Permits.


New customers are required to pay a one time $100.00 New Account Administration Fee over and above the seasonal camping fees. This is not an annual charge.

RV Park Models larger than 8.5 feet wide and/or not meeting MPI standards are subject to an additional annual Municipal fee of $55.00.

Hybrid Pop-up trailers are only allowed in A-sites A4, A8, A24, A27, A29.

On-Site RV’s For Sale

Beat the waiting list by purchasing an onsite RV and transferring the seasonal lease to the purchaser for immediate occupancy.

Before making any purchase, please read the campground rules and regulations. Leases are not transferable until all money owed (if any) is paid to Debonair in full and management has accepted the condition of the site and outside of structures. Once management has approved a lease transfer, the new tenant will need to sign a Lease Transfer Agreement and pay a $100.00 New Account Administration fee to Debonair Campground.

The information below has been provided to us by the present tenants of these campsites. Debonair is not responsible for the information supplied and/or the sale, liens (if any), or condition of the trailers, etc. The property (campsite), picnic tables, and fire pits are owned by Debonair and are not part of the sale.

You are allowed to run your hot water tank on electric on a 30-amp site providing you are not running the AC at the same time.

Seasonal Camping Leases can be transferred to the purchaser once conditions are met. That is, the sale is approved by Management and both parties (seller and purchaser) have signed a Lease Transfer Agreement at the Campground Office. Interested persons are advised to read the Campground Policy before making any purchase. The new tenant will need to pay a $100.00 New Account Administration fee to Debonair Campground.

Annual Structure Fees

Structures or changes to campsite must be approved by owner. Please email a construction request with dimensions, materials and description to for approval. Please see Policy #17. 

Adding a structure to your seasonal site may result in an extra charge. This extra charge is to cover additional municipal taxes and other related costs. Sheds are not to be used for living space or as a Guest House.


  • All Structures must be visually appealing.
  • Tents are exempt from annual structure fees but in some cases may be subject to camping fees. Please refer to the Seasonal Camping Policy.

Storage/Garden Shed – .25 /sq. ft.

A structure solely used for storing, is under 65 square feet and is not higher than 8.5 ft. Must have a permanent finish that doesn’t require painting. Factory windows, for the purpose of letting sunlight in, is allowed providing they cannot open.

Storage/Garden Shed² – .40 /sq. ft.

A structure solely used for storing, is over 65 square feet but under the maximum allowed 100 square feet and no higher than 8.5 ft. Must have a permanent finish that doesn’t require painting. Factory windows, for the purpose of letting sunlight in, is allowed providing they cannot open.

Flat deck – .10 /sq. ft.

Deck with railing – .16 /sq. ft.

Firewood or fridge shelter – no charge for one (smallest)

Consisting merely of 3 sides and a roof, used to store firewood and/or a fridge, and is no larger than 8 ft. wide, 7 ft. high and 4 ft. depth. Must have a permanent finish.

Storage Shelter – .08 /sq. ft.

Consisting merely of 3 sides and a roof, not higher than 7 ft. high, doesn’t classify as a wood or fridge shelter or is a second or more wood or fridge shelter on a campsite, and is solely used for storing. Must have a permanent finish.

Non-sheltered outside electric fridge (even those not plugged in) – $50.00 /season

Winter Boat Storage Fee – $75/ season

RV Camping Unit (one per site) – fee is included in seasonal rent

Metal, Wrought Iron or Canvas Screened or Garden Gazebos – no charge providing they are classified temporary structures and are not assessed by the tax assessor.

Structures that don’t meet above specifications will be asked to modify, reconstruct or remove.

  • Only one detached Gazebo per site. Homemade gazebos are not permitted.
  • Total square feet of structures is calculated by it’s outside measurements.
  • Only one electric fridge allowed per site; excluding built-in trailer fridges.
  • Talk to James before you dig. There are underground hydro and water lines to look out for.
  • Newly added structures which fees total more than $15.00, will be charged the full annual rate, regardless of when construction is started or the structure(s) is(are) moved onto the campsite.
  • 5% GST will be added to structure fees.
  • Permanent Structures, other than the above mentioned, are not allowed to be constructed or moved onto a site.
    Tarps are not allowed on trailers from May-September.
  • Fences, Gates/Entrances, & Decks must be built with treated wood or material with permanent finish. Access to site must be at least 36″ wide, no less. Fences can be no higher than 6′. NOTE: Sites with septic tank must have a 2′ access on right side for pump outs.

Vehicle Permits

Every motor vehicle parked anywhere in the campground (including campsites) must have a Debonair Vehicle Permit.  RVs parked on a campsite are not obliged to have a permit provided it is owned by the policy holder and/or spouse of the site, and is the sole camping unit on the campsite.  If it is parked off your site or is not the sole camping unit on your site, it will require a Special Vehicle Permit.  Vehicle Permits are available at the office.

Free 30 minute parking at the office.

Cost for Vehicle Parking Permits:
Regular & Seasonal Vehicle Parking Permits (non-camping units):

  • 3 free annual Seasonal Vehicle Parking Permits per seasonal campsite can be picked up at the office by the policyholder and/or spouse. Every season will have new annual permits.
  • $40.00 for an additional or replacement Seasonal Vehicle Parking Permit.
  • $4 for a non-transferable Temporary (3-hour or less). This Vehicle Parking Permit does not include use of the beach.
  • $8 for a non-transferable Day Vehicle Parking Permit (expires noon the following).
  • Student Rate for an unmarried child of a seasonal camper: $20.00 for a non-transferable Seasonal Parking Permit.
  • Above rates include GST.

Special Vehicle Permits for 2nd or more camping units/tents on a campsite:

  • $21.00 (20.00 + GST) per day unless it is the sole camping unit parked on your campsite and is owned by you, the policy holder and/or your spouse. Special Vehicle Permits expire 2:00 PM the following day. Regular and Seasonal Vehicle Parking Permits cannot be used for camping/sleeping units. If you have non-registered guests with a camper vehicle of any kind visiting you, they will need to purchase a Special Vehicle Permit or pay camping fees.


  • No refunds on parking permits.
  • Above vehicle permits are not available to the general public unless they are a registered camper or guest of a registered camper. Parking Permits are intended for the comfort and safety of Debonair Campers and to regulate the number of unauthorized vehicles in the park. Without parking permits, camping rates would unfairly be significantly higher to compensate for unregulated additional people/costs. Campers enjoy the benefits of parking permits resulting in a well maintained, non-bustling park with a sense of security and community.
  • You are responsible for your guests and making sure they have a Vehicle Parking Permit. All Vehicle Permits, with the exception of the temporary permit, include use of the beach. Permits can be purchased anytime. Instructions on how to obtain a Vehicle Parking Permit when the Camp Office is closed can be found on the Camp Office door.
  • If you lend your Seasonal Vehicle Parking Permit, please remember you are responsible for that vehicle as well as the behavior of the persons arriving from that vehicle. Any problems arising from this vehicle and persons involved will reflect back on the owner of the permit.
  • Vehicles found parked in the campground without a visible (on dash or hung on mirror) Vehicle Parking Permit (even for a short time) or with an incorrect/invalid permit will need to purchase an appropriate permit immediately in addition to a $10.00 penalty charge or be towed and risk losing re-entry privileges.
  • The policy holder and/or spouse or an immediate child of the policy holder and/or spouse must always accompany their guest(s) who have not paid camping fees, at the beach. This includes guests with Vehicle Passes, unless they have paid camping fees.
  • Registered overnight campers/guests will automatically receive non-transferable Vehicle Parking Permits with their paid registration (overnight camping fees).
  • Walk-in guests are not allowed to use any campground facilities including the beach, unless they have, in close proximity, a Seasonal Vehicle Permit that is not already in use or they have purchased a temporary Vehicle Permit at the office. Maximum of 4 walk-in guests per permit allowed. A Vehicle Permit allows access to the facilities whether they have a vehicle parked on the property or not. You are allowed walk-in guests, within reason, visiting you at your campsite without a Parking Permit provided they are not parked on the highway and do not use the campground’s facilities. Please do not abuse this privilege.
  • Should you be expecting guests, we recommend you give them your campsite number and let them know whether or not you have a vehicle permit for them.

Thanks so much for your appreciated cooperation!

2024 Seasonal Camping Policy

1. Debonair Campground’s 2024 season operates from 2:00 pm Apr. 21 to 8:00 pm Oct. 9. Vehicle traffic is closed off-season. Opening date for vehicle access may be extended due to snowed or soft road conditions. Campground electrical outlets & waste dumping inlets are not in operation off-season. Water hook-ups, waste dumping inlets, flush toilets and showers are in service when the water is on. (After the ground has thawed and there is no more risk of frost.) Do not dump into the septic system in Moe’s Place or Dump Station until the campground water system is operational and the underground pipes have thawed. The House/Office outside water taps is available anytime.

Septic Tanks in Horseshoe Bay, Acorn Alley & A-Sites are left half full over the winter to ensure the frost does not heave them out of the ground. Please notify the office once you fill your tank for your spring flush. Please always check your tanks before dumping. FREE pump out is on or after September long weekend. Tank pump out costs are $65 plus GST for 300 gallon tanks & $75 plus GST for 500 gallon tanks.

2. No parking on the campground roadway.  From May Long Weekend to September Long Weekend, ALL vehicles MUST have a Debonair Vehicle Permit whenever parked anywhere in the campground anytime. Please refrain from using the visitor’s parking lots if you have space in your campsite. No parking in vacant sites or other people’s driveways without permission. If you have guests from vehicles parked outside the campground, you are required to ask them to leave immediately or get a vehicle permit and park in the Parking Lot. Highway Parking greatly reduces pedestrian/vehicle visibility.

3. Be respectful and considerate of other campers. Please remind your children to not litter, damage property, or trespass on/through other people’s campsites (including sites of absent tenants). Any activity or noise which may affect the comfort of other campers is not permitted. Your favorite music is often not your neighbor’s; therefore, loud music and/or shouting are not allowed anytime.  Misusing, tampering, defacing, moving, or altering management’s or other people’s property is not tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on or off your site.  Anyone exhibiting violent behavior will face an immediate eviction and the involvement of law enforcement. You (leasee) are responsible for the behavior of your guests and site’s occupants. Construction, use of chainsaws or other loud equipment are prohibited from the hours of 8:00 pm to 10:00 am on weekdays and 6pm to 10 am on weekends.  Blowing off fireworks/firecrackers or Chinese/Sky lanterns is prohibited.  Quiet time is from 11:00 pm to 10:00 am.  Audio equipment and noisy activities are prohibited during Quiet Time. Generators are prohibited. Debonair Management reserves the right to limit the number of people on a site at any time.

4. Policy violators or suspicious persons should be reported to management immediately. We ask that all complaints and concerns be directed to management. This allows us to deal with your concerns both expediently and efficiently. Please call/text 204-793-3398 anytime to report loud or offensive activity while it is happening. Your call/text will remain anonymous. Debonair Campground reserves the right to have any person vacate the campground for 24 hours effective immediately upon violation of any of the campground’s regulations.

5. Please look after our forest. A permanent eviction will be given to anyone creating additional space, including paths, by destruction or removal of live trees or brush without permission. Brush is damaged when stepped on/through repeatedly or used as storage space. Trees are damaged when the bark is stripped or when nails/screws are driven into them. Cords tied around live trees will in time induce choking. It is the leasee’s responsibility to regularly inspect and loosen or remove tight cords tied to trees in and around their site. Please notify us of dead trees around your site. If the tree is determined dead upon inspection, we will cut it down under our guidelines. In some cases, RV’s are required to be moved off the site during the tree removal procedure.

6. Dogs are allowed in the campground providing they are friendly, do not continually bark and are kept on a leash. Help prevent environmental contamination by picking up your pet’s feces. Carry disposable bags while walking your pet. Pets are not allowed in the public washroom/shower facility, or on the beach. The “beach” includes both ponds as well as the sand surrounding the ponds. Children play in the sand and sunbathers recline in it. A single gram of pet waste contains an average of 23 million fecal coli form (for example E. Coli) bacteria.

7. Your site must always be tidy and free of open storage including behind/beside/underneath structures. The bush is not part of your site and should never be used as such. Wild vegetation growing within a graveled campsite including driveways must be destroyed (not just cut). Round-up, using proper procedure as per manufacturer’s instructions is recommended to control unwanted growth. Sod or loose soil is NOT permitted on most campsites. Flowers must be planted in containers with bottoms, not in the ground. Fallen leaves within your campsite must be raked by May 15. Please do not rake/blow leaves into the bush. A maintenance fee will be charged to campers neglecting their campsite.

8. Debonair campsites are single family occupancy.  However, an occasional second RV for guests is permitted providing they register with and pay camping fees to Debonair Campground.  One small sleeping tent for your children or occasional guest will not be charged however a second or more will. Dining tents not used for sleeping are no extra charge. You must inform management in advance of anyone using your campsite in the event you and your spouse are both absent. You must submit dates expected and name(s) of the individual(s). Upon arrival, they must check-in with the office if they are not a child of the lease and pay camping fees. The behavior of said guests will reflect back on the leasee. All damages caused by your guest(s) will be billed to the leasee. Anyone not registered in this manner will be evicted immediately.

9. One of Debonair’s vision is a cleaner greener campground. We have cigarette ashtrays as well as garbage and recycling receptacles throughout the campground.  Garbage MUST be put in plastic bags, tied, and then deposited into grey garbage bins (behind washroom building/Moe’s Place entrance/ Horseshoe Bay entrance). Disposal of propane tanks, tires, mattresses, furniture, major appliances and other large objects is your responsibility. The Garbage Truck collects on Mondays, Tuesdays on Long Weekends and only during the campground’s operating season. Do not leave garbage in the campground off-season. An indication or reminder of this is when the garbage barrels are upside-down. Fires are only allowed in firepits. To dispose ashes, transfer once cooled into plastic bags, then place at the end of your campsite driveway ONLY. Please do not dump ashes into the bushes. Water balloons are prohibited throughout the campground.

10. Flawed electrical cords or water hoses MUST be replaced or corrected immediately. For safety and maximum capability of amperage, a heavy-duty 10-gauge electrical extension cord is recommended (12-gauge is the minimum accepted). Coiled cords, octopuses & live open sockets are hazardous and not allowed.  No major electrical appliance outside your camping unit, except for one fridge, is allowed on a campsite. Fridges will be charged a $50.00 annual fee unless it is sheltered with a minimum of 3 sides and a roof. Older style fridges that do not open from the inside MUST have a pad lock on them to protect children. Electric portable heaters are a major fire hazard therefore should NEVER be left on unattended or when everyone is asleep. It is much safer practice to use your RV furnace. The Policyholder will be held accountable should a fire arise from an unattended electric heater. On 30-amp sites, electric hot water tanks and AC must never be run at the same time. Heaters or ACs are not allowed in non-insulated structures such as gazebos, sheds, etc. When no one is inside the RV, you are required to turn off the AC, or at the very least, set it to its lowest setting if you are nearby and completely off when you are away for a lengthy time.  Additional fees will be charged to those who do not comply.

Read about our recycling program.

11. Outdoor string lights must be LED. Please have your lights turned off during daylight hours and whenever you are away (including timers). A reasonable amount of dim, glowing lights creates a relaxing camping ambiance. You are required to limit your outdoor lighting and turn them off or down before bed.

12. Should you wish to pull your camping unit out for any length of time, it is imperative that you advise management of the time it will be gone. Failure to do so will be assumed you have left for the balance of the season and have handed over your lease to the campground owners. Items left behind will be discarded unless prior arrangements are made with management.

13. In order to preserve our PICNIC tables, we ask that you remove any tablecloth whenever you are away (holds moisture and induces rot), and never drill holes, tack staples, nails, screws, etc. into them. It is also prohibited to drill, screw, nail into SITE NUMBER posts.

14. Off-road vehicles including golf carts are prohibited in the campground except for the ones used by staff & management.  Mobility scooters are allowed but only for people with physical disabilities.

15. The outside of RV’s and structures must be kept clean, visually appealing, and in good physical condition. Debonair Campground reserves the right to enter & inspect campsites at any time. Tarps or covers over trailers and structures are only permitted off-season however not recommended (holds moisture and in time will rot). Washing vehicles (except for RV’s) is not allowed in the campground. You are responsible for insuring your camping unit, structure(s), and personal belongings on your campsite. We are not responsible for accidents, theft, break-ins, or losses.

16. Management may give a permanent eviction or not renew your lease for any infraction/s of this Policy.  The leasee in this case, will be given 7 days from the day of notice to remove all possessions. In the 7-day period, management will inspect the site and assess any damages. All money owed must be paid in full before belongings can be removed. Any possessions left after 7 days become the property of Debonair Campground.

17. Limited structures may be added to campsites only with permission. Structures not meeting specifications will be asked to reconstruct or be removed. A structure fee according to size will be charged annually, except on RVs, limited fridge or firewood shelters, and temporary Metal, Wrought Iron or Canvas Screened or Garden Gazebos, which are no extra charge. Structure information, limitations and fees can be found on our website here or picked up at the Office. ALL structures must be approved by Debonair Campground management prior to building or adding on to your site. New size limitations on Decks, Sheds and Gazebos are in effect from this policy’s amendment. (Policy 17 amended on May 5, 2020)

18. Permission is required prior to spreading stone/gravel or other material onto your campsite.  Once the material is on your site, removing it is not allowed unless instructed to by Management.  Carpets are not recommended on campsites.  If you do want carpet Outdoor RV carpeting is recommended. Outdoor carpet is an ideal place for mold, moss, and mildew to attach themselves thus becoming unsanitary and unsightly.  Moisture underneath carpets also attract worms which bring up dirt to the surface.

19. Use of the Playground Equipment and Beach Pond is at your own risk. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult when playing near or in the pond. Beach: No swimming after dark, NO DIVING, never tip the slide over, and never leave any belongings or garbage (including cigarette butts and CHERRY PITS) on the beach. Absolutely NO glass bottles allowed on the beach (unless stored in coolers).  Guests must be accompanied by an adult seasonal camper.

20. Only emergency messages will be delivered to campsites. All other messages will be posted on the note board next to the Camp Office. We are not always available to receive messages or seek people; therefore, Debonair Campground is not responsible for undelivered or missed messages.

21. It is Debonair Policy to not release campsite numbers without prior permission from the leasee. All other personal information supplied to us is for our own records and shall be retained only for as long as necessary.

22. Seasonal Campsite Renewals must get to Debonair Campground’s office no later than Apr.1st of next year in order to renew next season’s lease without the risk of losing your site and deposit. Non-renewals who have paid the storage/reservation fee will need to vacate all possessions prior to next season’s opening date (date may be extended if road conditions do not permit) or risk paying extra storage or camping fees.

23. Sale postings of on-site RV’s and buildings/structures are not permitted in the campground. If you would like to sell your trailer/building(s) on-site, please submit info to Management along with a $150.00 plus GST, Lease Transfer Fee. Unacceptable condition of a site, below par condition or age of structures, trailer, etc. may prohibit a Lease Transfer. Once approved, the seller’s information will be posted on Debonair Campground’s Website. Printouts of “On-site Trailers for Sale” are available to anyone upon request. The potential new tenants must be approved by Management.  All outstanding fees (if any) must be paid in full, parking permits be handed in and a lease transfer agreement signed by all parties involved. The approved purchaser must pay a $100.00 plus GST, New Account Administration Fee, before occupying the site.

24. Winter Storage Fee/Deposit : A fee of $400.00 is required no later than Oct.1st. to store belongings over the winter and/or hold your site until April 1st. Lease Renewal Privileges are not guaranteed without payment in our possession by Oct. 1st. This payment is non-refundable after Oct. 1st. Only payments received by Oct.1 will be converted into a deposit on next season’s lease. Forwarding payment long in advance is advisable to ensure on-time payment. Policyholders who have not paid their $400.00 fee by Oct. 1st must have all possessions removed from their site no later than Thanksgiving Monday. Any belongings left behind after this date becomes property of Debonair Campground.

25. Debonair Campground offers an optional Time Payment Plan ($25.00 handling fee). This plan is an agreement to pay two pre-set installments (Apr.15 & July 1) on a FULL season’s rent. A variety of Budget Winter Payment Plans (plus $25.00 handling fee) for next season’s lease is available in September/October upon request. All prepaid amounts are refundable except for $400.00 (storage/reservation fee) with a dated letter/email of intent to not renew, which must be received by Apr.1st of the year payments are made for.

26. Cannabis as per Manitoba Provincial Legislation is permitted providing consumers are of legal age of 19 and can only be consumed in a private area residence. (Trailer or tent) which includes back yards (Site). Smoking or vaping cannabis in public places is PROHIBITED.  No smoking or vaping on the BEACH, streets, playgrounds, or Hotspots. Again, this is a family park.

27. Please inform us immediately of any phone or address changes (including off-season).

28. Leaseholders shall not be entitled to any refund or rebate from any unused portion of this seasonal lease for an early departure or eviction.

Please feel free to ask for clarification on anything that may be unclear regarding this policy.

We look forward to making your stay at Debonair most enjoyable. Happy Camping!

Trailer Restrictions

When moving a trailer onto a site, age restrictions on units apply:

  • Trailers moving into Horseshoe Bay must be 15 years or newer (starting 2021)
  • Trailers moving into Acorn Alley or A-sites need to be 20 years or newer
  • Trailers moving into a 30 amp site in Moe’s Place need to be 15 years or newer
  • Trailers moving into a 50 amp site in Moe’s Place need to be 10 years or newer

Trailers must be kept clean and in attractive condition.

Once a trailer has moved in, the age restriction no longer applies to it providing it is kept in acceptable condition and the lease has not changed hands.

Slide-in truck campers and non-manufactured RV’s/Buses are not permitted on seasonal sites. Hybrid Pop-up trailers are only allowed in A-Sites A4, A8, A24, A27, A29. (Starting 2021)

Casual Camping Availability Calendar & Request Reservation Form!