Selling Onsite

Policy on transferring a lease over to new occupants (selling a trailer on-site):

  1. Campground office must be notified and seller must have proof of the trailer’s age.
  2. A site inspection will done to approve the site for sale. All requests during the inspection for the site must be met before the approval of sale.
    • Unacceptable condition of a site, below par condition or age of structures, trailer, etc. may prohibit a Lease Transfer.
  1. $150 + GST Lease/Transfer Fee must be submitted. Also submit posting information (ie: pictures and info on campsite/trailer) to be posted on Debonair Campground’s Website under RV’s for SALE.
  2. The site must be clean, tidy, and free of open storage (ie: unused construction pieces, junk, or any other debris must not be stored outside, including in the bush).
  3. The trailer must be 15 years or newer in Horseshoe Bay Sites; 20 years or newer in Acorn Alley sites; 15 years or newer in Moe’s Place 30-amp sites; and 10 years or newer in 50-amp sites.
  4. The trailer must be clean, visually appealing, and in good physical condition.
  5. Weeds/grass growing within your site including the driveway must be destroyed (not cut).
  6. Campsite must be in the same condition as when you got it.
  7. Structures must be in good acceptable condition.
  8. The potential new tenants must be approved by Management.
  9. The approved purchaser must pay a $100.00 + GST New Account Administration Fee before occupying the site.
  • For Sale postings of on-site RV’s and buildings/structures ARE NOT permitted in the campground.
  • All outstanding fees (if any) must be paid in full, parking permits must be handed in, and a lease transfer agreement signed by all parties involved.
  • Printouts of “On-site Trailers for Sale” are available to anyone upon request.



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