The Hot Tub is CLOSED until further notice.

The PH level in our water is very high due to it’s hardness and chemistry.  The PH level has been significantly increasing over the years.  Because of the higher than ever PH reading at the hot tub this weekend, the automatic chemical dispenser was continuously injecting in attempt to balance the PH.  This caused a reaction and skin irritation to some of the hot tub users.
Also, as a result of having to use more chemical over the years in attempt to balance the PH, the equipment is corroding thus the heating elements, pump seals, internal parts on the gas fired heater, etc., is often breaking down and being replaced.
We are looking at how we can resolve this problem but if we are not able to find a satisfactory solution, there is a chance the closure will be permanent.  The comfort and safety of our customers is our number 1 priority.
We are very sorry for this and trust you understand our position.
JP & Agnes Gosselin