Firewood For Sale!


The most peaceful feeling invades the campground at night when campfires are lit and the smell drifts through the air. There’s something about sitting around a cozy campfire, staring at its glow, and watching the sparks dance upward against the evening sky.

Firewood Bundles are available at the office for $7.00 each.
For a half-cord of firewood, please contact Miguel at 427-2670. We no longer take orders at the office. Miguel sells half cords for $95.00 each and this includes delivery to your campsite. A half cord is a well stacked woodpile 4 feet (122 cm) wide, 4 feet (122 cm) high, and 4 feet (122 cm) long; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume. Please allow sufficient time for delivery. Don’t wait till you are completely out before ordering.

Throw away the kindling! No more messy, crumpled paper!

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Throw away the kindling! No more messy, crumpled paper! Finally a firestarter that really works! Simply stack split logs, place a single premeasured packet of EZ Fire On Top, light a corner, and relax.

EZ Fire will slowly melt and run in small rivers of flame over and between the logs or charcoal, giving you a safe, reliable start every time. Consisting of all naturally occurring ingredients, it burns clean, leaving no taste on barbecued foods and no chimney residue.

EZ Fire won’t flash, flare up or explode and has an indefinite shelf life. Used for over 25 years at the finest Lodges, Resorts, B&B’s, Inns, and Campgrounds nationwide, there is simply no match for EZ Fire, the original, toplighting firestarter.

The Fast, Safe and Easy method for starting all fires, fireplaces, woodstoves, barbecues and campfires.
Now, lighting a fire is as simple as lighting a single match!

EZ Firestarter is sold at Debonair Campground for the low price of 60c per packet or $3.00 for a box of 6.